Balancing Bodies (work in progress)

New perfomance coming up                                               What if a place does not meet your expectations?

Woest delivers people in Balancing Bodies to an unpredictable space. When everyone gradually loses his grip, blurs the line between audience and performer. Unexpected movements become part of the choreography. Woest likes to investigate how their audience experience this and whether there can be a dialogue between choreography and chance.

After a short research period, Woest performed a first trial during Hit The Stage in Monty, Antwerp and in 252cc in Ekeren. In 2016 they will show this preview as well at Tweetakt festival in Utrecht and at the Day of the Dance in CC Hasselt. With the feedback, photos and footage Woest will continue working on a full-lenght performance.

Expected working period: fall of 2017. Première expected winter 2017/2018.

Would you be able to support our project? We are still looking for extra material and financial support, to make our new site-specific performance a successfull one!

Direction: Manon Avermaete • Performance: WAnnes de Porre, Sarah Vingerhoets, Evelyne Rossie, Paulien Truijen • Production: Paulien Truijen • Soundscape:  Steven Holsbeeks • Pictures:  Amaury Avermaete, Jeroen Trispel • Special thanks to:  Dansmakers Amsterdam, Lorenzo Capodieci, Monty Antwerp, Monique Truijen

Festival Jong! Maastricht (NL) | work in progress
CC Hasselt, Hasselt (BE) | presentation after first research

Day of the dance, a double bill with Vera Tussing

Performance schedule: 17.00 and 20.00 |  More info

Tweetakt, Utrecht (NL) | presentation after first research

Testing fase with audience.

13.00 and 17.30 at Neude, Utrecht

Tickets through this link.

CC 252, Ekeren (BE) | presentation after first research

14.00 en 16.00

Tickets en info via deze link

Hit The Stage / Monty, Antwerpen (BE) | presentation after first research
Krokus festival, Hasselt (BE)