Woest is expanding the number of countries!

This Summer season we're going a step further beyond the borders! Perhaps the highlight of the year might be the festival all the way North of Norway, where we will perform Leaving Normal. They will fly us there with seven crewmembers and build our whole set again... They arrange a van for us in which we can move on top- in and around as we do with our yellow van! They are investigating now how they can imitate our explosion in that new van and build five new doors and all the other props that are necessary for our performance.

Besides Norway we will go to Italy; as well new country on our list! In Denmark we will perform both Lucky Shots and Leaving Normal (in the suburbs and the city of Helsingør itself): which means that we will be there with a team of ten people! We will perform again at the renowned French festivals in Amiens and Alès, so we can show Lucky Shots to the French audience. Finally, after a few years of trying, we are invited to perform in Detmold: an opening to the German circuit!