Premiere Balancing Bodies was successfull

A 4-star review in Theaterkrant after our premiere of Balancing Bodies during Krokusfestival was a bonus on our successfull premiere days. Some quotes out of the review by Tuur Devens:

"No panic, it is only chaos." Passive looking, leaning back in a soft theater seat is not included in the latest production by Compagnie Woest. As a viewer you have to be constantly alert, not to collide with the dancers who quickly pass through the space and the spectators and request them to step aside and give way to their bodies. Apparent chaos dominates space, it is seeking balance, in a pleasant disturbed way.

This time, Compagnie Woest dances once again in a closed space. The company has built up a well-deserved reputation over the years with performances at locations on the street and in the forest. Playing outside or dancing with a casual audience means that you have to attract and hold the attention of the unsuspecting passer-by.
Woest knows the tricks of the tradet, and knows how to apply their know-how and technique in the closed space.


Balancing Bodies is a tough balancing act between the body as an object and objects as bodies. Woest seeks a balance between performer and audience, young and old, between foolishness and seriousness, between playfulness and organization. And they find that. Work done.

Read the review in Dutch through this link.