Woest is ready for a new season!

After the birth of Manons baby Claire and the corresponding rest, it's time to start again! Another Woest season is starting upcoming weekend. We perform the first Leaving Normal of 2017 -and for a third time in a row- at Tweetakt festival in Utrecht! This time around Podium Hoge Woerd in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn on 15th and 16th April. Tickets and times via this link.

Meanwhile we are writing a subsidy dossier for our future performance Balancing Bodies.

Finally, our newest site-specific performance Lucky Shots will be launched this Summer! The premiere takes place at Deventer op Stelten in The Netherland. We perform Lucky Shots this year as well at Reuring festival, MiramirO, FiraTarrega and others! Check out our teaser!