End of season!

Our season is finished! We enjoyed a great summer with Leaving Normal. We performed on cozy festivals in the Netherlands and Belgium. We sat for hours on the van, to Sibiu in Romania. Or to France; Amiens and Aurillac (IN!), with the Préalables included. During the Aurillac tour, we made 12 different performances in just two weeks time, in no less than 8 different villages and towns! We are very gratefull for the cooperation of all the lovely people in the villages and a big thank you to our hard working, top performers!!

Besides Leaving Normal, it was also the summer of a new creation. A first version of Lucky Shots was received enthusiastically during Spoffin in Amersfoort! We realised this presentation after a research period of three weeks, with a group of promising new girls. In the autumn we will continue and we assume that we Lucky Shots will be launched during the next festival summer!

See you soon!